The front-end electronics for the 1.8-kchannel SiPM tracking plane in the NEW detector

Autores UPV
Revista Journal of Instrumentation


NEW is the first phase of NEXT-100 experiment, an experiment aimed at searching for neutrinoless double-beta decay. NEXT technology combines an excellent energy resolution with tracking capabilities thanks to a combination of optical sensors, PMTs for the energy measurement and SiPMs for topology reconstruction. Those two tools result in one of the highest background rejection potentials in the field. This work describes the tracking plane that will be constructed for the NEW detector which consists of close to 1800 sensors with a 1-cm pitch arranged in twenty- eight 64-SiPM boards. Then it focuses in the development of the electronics needed to read the 1800 channels with a front-end board that includes per-channel differential transimpedance input amplifier, gated integrator, automatic offset voltage compensation and 12-bit ADC. Finally, a de- scription of how the FPGA buffers data, carries out zero suppression and sends data to the DAQ interface using CERN RD-51 SRS¿s DTCC link specification complements the description of the electronics of the NEW detector tracking plane.