Distributed System for Intelligent Management of Lost or Abandoned Pets

Autores UPV
Revista International Journal of Imaging and Robotics


This paper presents the architecture of a mobile-based distributed system which aims to minimize the social impact of abandoned or lost animals. To reach this purpose the distributed system has two main goals: to obtain the best pets¿ quality information and to optimize the reporting process that allows their rescue. The distributed system is based on the client-server paradigm. By using smart mobile devices clients may provide message warnings of animals localized. In order to enter data such as photographs, audio and artificial images, this system uses different mobile device interfaces. Messages with the pet information are stored in a server database to be processed intelligently. Data processing consists mainly in matching localized animals with lost animals, assigning abandoned animals to shelters and generating notifications for animal shelters or authorities. This matching uses an efficient selection algorithm based on common meta-information to each image. This efficient selection facilitates selective notification deliveries avoiding redundancy. This article shows the architecture details, as well as the first achieved results with prototypes and real data.