Low-Power Sensor Control Manager for Multihop Underwater Networks

Autores UPV
CONGRESO Low-Power Sensor Control Manager for Multihop Underwater Networks


Underwater sensor wireless networks are increasing in interest for seabed and water column monitoring. However, due to the fact of lacking for a predictable energy-harvesting source the life time battery constrain reveals the importance of looking for low-power consumption development platforms to implement underwater sensor networks. This paper presents a study on consumption, wake up timing and performance of an ARM Cortex M4 in different low power mode. The STM32F4 discovery board has been selected as commercial platform for a prototype design of a multihop communication system. The implementation integrates FreeRTOS, SRAM and micro SD storage.The system is intended to the capability of transmitting data from underwater sensor nodes along a deployed lined topology. Communication is done through ARM Cortex UART ports, linked with the S1000 ITACA modem with acoustic capability. Thus, a specific API has been designed to couple both systems. Data are finally received in a pc host sink through Ethernet connection