Memetic Algorithm Approach to Designing Precast-Prestressed Concrete Road Bridges with Steel Fiber Reinforcement

Autores UPV
Revista Journal of Structural Engineering


This paper describes the influence of steel fiber-reinforcement on the design of cost-optimized, prestressed concrete, precast road bridges, with a double U-shaped crosssection and isostatic spans. A memetic algorithm with variable-depth neighborhood search is applied to the economic cost of these structures at different stages of manufacturing, transportation, and construction. The problem involved 41 discrete design variables for the geometry of the beam and the slab, materials in the two elements, active and passive reinforcement, as well as residual flexural tensile strength corresponding to the fibers. The use of fibers decreases the mean weight of the beam by 1.72% and reduces the number of strands an average of 3.59%, but it increases the passive reinforcement by 8.71% on average, respectively. Finally, despite the higher cost of the fibers, their use is economically feasible since the average relative difference in cost is less than 0.19%.