Cost and CO2 emission optimization of precast¿prestressed concrete U-beam road bridges by a hybrid glowworm swarm algorithm

Autores UPV
Revista Automation in Construction


This paper describes a methodology to optimize cost and CO2 emissions when designing precast¿prestressed concrete road bridgeswith a double U-shape cross-section. To this end, a hybrid glowwormswarm optimization algorithm (SAGSO) is used to combine the synergy effect of the local search with simulated annealing (SA) and the global search with glowworm swarm optimization (GSO). The solution is defined by 40 variables, including the geometry, materials and reinforcement of the beam and the slab. Regarding the material, high strength concrete is used as well as self-compacting concrete in beams. Results provide engineers with useful guidelines to design PC precast bridges. The analysis also revealed that reducing costs by 1 Euro can save up to 1.75 kg in CO2 emissions. Finally, the parametric study indicates that optimal solutions in terms of monetary costs have quite a satisfactory environmental outcomeand differ only slightly fromthe best possible environmental solution obtained.