SMARTV2G: Smart Vehicle to Grid Interface

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CONGRESO SMARTV2G: Smart Vehicle to Grid Interface


In a context of an obliged continuous optimisation of the energy consumption rates in developed societies, embedded systems and solutions can play a significant role in the transition process towards a Sustainable Urban Life concept in European countries. One of the main and most promising technological areas that are expected to contribute in a most relevant way to that overall target is electromobility. In that scenario, the Smart Vehicle to Grid Interface project (SMARTV2G) has been launched. The SMARTV2G project provides added value to the Electrical Vehicle integration in the Smart Grids, and finally in the Smart Cities. In the current European framework, the Electric Vehicle (EV) shall become an energy active node that needs advanced tools and algorithms to be managed. This is the main goal of the SMARTV2G project's architecture that is being integrated in real pilots in Valencia (Spain) and Ljubljana (Slovenia).