Mono-functionalization of porous aromatic frameworks to use ascompatible heterogeneous catalysts in one-pot cascade

Autores UPV
Revista Applied Catalysis A General


Porous aromatic frameworks (PPAFs) prepared by microwave assisted synthesis can be easily func-tionalized to obtain solid acid (sulfonic acid) and base (primary amine) catalysts. This porous materialdemonstrated to be an excellent support of different functional groups. The combination of these func-tionalized PPAFs was successfully applied as compatible heterogeneous catalysts for cascade reaction ofhydrolysis of dimethoxymethylbenzene, acid catalyzed, and Knoevenagel catalyzed by base. The advan-tages of this catalytic system are its easy synthesis, good catalytic activity, coexistence of incompatiblefunctional groups in homogeneous conditions, with different acid/base ratio, and is recycled up seventimes without significant loss of activity. Our concept can be extended to other various one-pot incom-patible homogeneous systems and make a contribution toward the creation of environmentally inspiredchemical processes through the promotion of multiple reactions in a single reactor.