Analysing the myth of digital natives in an English course: A higher education collaborative approach

Autores UPV
Revista LSP Journal - Language for special purposes, professional communication, knowledge management and cognition


Researchers nowadays claim that educators must accommodate the learning styles of ¿digital natives¿. Thus, many new and challenging educational experiences have tried to cater for the ¿singularity¿ of digital natives. These studies have focused on facilitating the communication between teachers and students using the students¿ own language and style. In this context, we analyse the use of a Web 2.0 application in higher education integrated in a traditional language course. The paper questions the technical expertise of digital natives and observes the contribution of Web 2.0 to promote construction of knowledge while developing a proficiency in English. The conclusions signal the rewarding benefits of Wikis to construct knowledge collaboratively and the positive effects on the improvement of linguistic skills. Additionally, the study suggests that the incorporation of new online projects into traditional higher education requires careful planning with consideration given to sound pedagogy so as to lead to effective learning.