Acoustical identification of Sea turtles using sidescan sonar

Autores UPV
CONGRESO Acoustical identification of Sea turtles using sidescan sonar


Underwater acoustics has been widely used as a tool for identifying, evaluating and monitoring underwater biomass. The reference acoustical variable used for such purposes is the scatterer target strength (TS), given by the ratio of the returned energy versus the incident energy on the object. The aim of this work is to use the same tool for identifying sea turtles and distinguishing them from other species, providing a tool for detecting them and evaluate sea turtle populations. The sound propagation speed through the turtle carapace has been experimentally measured which allows performing numerical simulations to compare with the experimental results. In situ measurements were performed in the Mediterranean Sea coast, using specimens of Caretta caretta which were released from a recovery center property of the local Valencian Government. We used a 200KHz sidescan sonar transducer with an aperture angle of 49x1º, covering a large work vertical area. The echo signals corresponding to the turtles were identified and quantified.