First pre-functionalized polymeric aromatic framework from nononitrotetrakis(iodophenyl)methane and its applications

Autores UPV
Revista Chemistry - A European Journal


Starting from mononitrotetrakis(iodophenyl)methane as monomer, we report the preparation of the first pre-functionalised porous aromatic frameworks (PAFs) and their application as supports for organometallic catalysts. Neutral coordinate imino-pyridine Schiff base (PAF-NPy) or chiral bis-amino (PAF-NPro) ligands were obtained by postsynthetic treatment of PAF-NH2 and treated with copper(I) or rhodium(I) to yield the corresponding supported transition- metal catalysts. The as-prepared PAF-NN-M catalysts exhibited activity and selectivity similar to that of the corresponding homogeneous catalysts and were easily removed from reaction media and recycled without loss of activity or selectivity.