Condition monitoring of electrical machines using low computing power devices

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CONGRESO Condition monitoring of electrical machines using low computing power devices


Abstract-Thc dingnosis of eleclrical motors lhrough lhe deleclion of faull frcc¡ucncy signal ures in lhc currcnl's speclrum has bccomc an establishcd standard in the field of industrial mainlenancc syslems. Ne\'crlheles, ils implemenhtlion on devicrs wilh low com¡mting po11·cr remains a praclical challenge. Industrial conlrollers, such as progrnmmable logic conlrollers, or modern, low cost controller harchntrc, such as lhc Arcluino or lhc Raspbcrry Pi open sourcc hardware proposals, lack bolh lhc on-boarcl memory and thc high speed data ncc¡uisition hardware lo perform nn nccurntc spec tral rmalysis of lhc mnchinc's curren!, in order lo idenlify the speclral componenls producrcl by rach lypc of faull. In lhis paper, a signa! conditioning unit, basecl on a nonl clownsampling melhod of lhe curren!, is prese nted. This unit reduces lhc amounl of curren! samples lhnt must be processed by lhe dingnoslic unit lo a mere srnnple JlCI' cmTrnl cycle, mainlains lhe sub·hcrlz accuracy ncedecl lo rcsoh·e faull, ami com·erls lhe mains componen! inlo a constan! vrt lue thal can be casily climinatcd without using :my additional filt ct·. Bcsidcs, il is implemenled using low cost dcvices, just resistors ami opcraliomtl mnplilicrs. Thc proposed mcthod is th eo rclirrt lly dcvcloped in lhis pnpe1·, and il hrts been valiclaled using incluction moto1·s with broken bars fcd dirrc tly by lhe mains or lhrough varirtble speed dri\'es.