Mapping the sound quality of halls for classical music

Autores UPV
CONGRESO Mapping the sound quality of halls for classical music


For several years we have done an extensive measurement campaign in halls of different typologies and uses. Together with these measurements, we have also done assessment surveys to several general public and to a selection of experts who served as a control group.The analysis of the results has permitted to establish a model to classify a hall according to classical music performance, which depends on reverberation time (T30), lateral factor coefficient (LFC) and listener envelopment (LEV). Additionally, an optimum interval for the model has been established for classical music. From the measurements of these three quality parameters, quality maps for halls can be determined for classical music. In this paper, the maps for 6 halls are shown. These maps are a useful tool to visualize in a quick and clear way the locations of the hall where the quality criterion is met for class ical music.