Colorimetric evaluation of three adhesives used in the consolidation of contemporary matte paint after artificial ageing

Autores UPV
Revista Conservar Património


Of all the problems associated to contemporary painting, the most complex is probably that which concerns powdering matte surfaces, both for their technical characteristics and optical properties and for the aesthetic significance associated to these types of finishes. These pictorial surfaces are technically complex due to the high risk of irreversible alterations associated to the appearance of the treated surface and the potential for streaking, tide lines, changes in colour, darkening, added gloss and changes in texture during the treatment process. For this study, a colorimetric analysis was performed to evaluate the behaviour of three adhesives commonly used in the consolidation of these types of painted surfaces, to determine the effect of ageing on the adhesives and quantify their stability as a function of adhesive type, concentration, and application method. Of all the adhesives, funori did not result in significant changes when aged using this method.