Influence of Homogenization Conditions on Physical Properties and Antioxidant Activity of Fully Biodegradable Pea Protein-Alpha-Tocopherol Films

Autores UPV
Revista Food and Bioprocess Technology


In this study, antioxidant biodegradable films based on pea protein and alpha-tocopherol were successfully developed by solution casting. The effect of both the homogenization conditions (rotor¿stator and microfluidizer) and the relative humidity (RH) on the microstructure and physical properties (transparency, tensile, oxygen and water vapour barrier properties) of pea protein/alpha-tocopherol-based films was evaluated. The addition of alpha-tocopherol produced minimal changes in the films¿ transparency, while providing them with antioxidant properties and improved water vapour and oxygen barrier properties (up to 30 % in both water vapour and oxygen permeability) when films were at low and intermediate RH. The addition of alpha-tocopherol in microfluidized films gave rise to an increase in their resistance to break and extensibility (up to 27 % in E values) at intermediate and high RH. These results add a new insight into the potential of employing pea protein and alpha-tocopherol in the development of fully biodegradable antioxidant films which are of interest in food packaging