Preliminary estudies on the use of sugar cane bagasse ash (SCBA) in the manufacture of alkali activated binders

Autores UPV


Alkali activated binders require the addition of a mineral-rich amorphous silica and alumina. This paper proposes the use of a mineral residue from the burning of sugar cane bagasse. The alkali activated mixtures were prepared containing binary mixtures of sugar cane bagasse ash (SCBA) and other mineral admixtures: fly ash (FA) or blast furnace slag (BFS). As alkaline activators, mixtures of alkali (Na+ or K+) hydroxide and alkali (Na+ or K+) silicate were used. Alkali-activated pastes and mortars containing binary systems SCBA/FA or SCBA/BFS were prepared and cured at 65 oC. Microstructural properties of these alternative binders were assessed by means of TGA, SEM, XRD and pH measurements. Mechanical strength of mortars was performed after 3 and 7 days at 65 oC. Compressive mechanical strengths of these mortars were in the range 30-55 MPa, showing the good mechanical performance achieved by the alkali activation. Microstructural studies suggested the development of stable matrices and the formation of typical gel.