Direct dark matter search using the Geyser technique

Autores UPV
CONGRESO Direct dark matter search using the Geyser technique


The MOSCAB experiment (Materia OSCura A Bolle) uses the Geyser technique for dark matter search. The results of the first 0.5 kg mass prototype detector using superheated C3F8 liquid were very encouraging, achieving a 5 keV nuclear recoil threshold with high insensitivity to gamma radiation. Additionally, the technique seems to be easily scalable to higher masses for both in terms of complexity and costs, resulting in a very competitive technique for direct dark matter search, especially for the spin dependent case. Here, we report in the construction and commissioning of the big detector of 40 kg at the Milano-Bicocca University and INFN. The detector, the calibration tests and the evaluation of the background will be presented. Once demonstrated the functionality of the detector, it will be operated at the Gran Sasso National Laboratory in 2015.