Mixed (Fe2+ and Cu2+) double metal hexacyanocobaltates as solid catalyst for the aerobic oxidation of oximes to carbonyl compounds

Autores UPV
Revista Journal of Catalysis


Mixed Iron and copper hexacyanocolbatate is a suitable heterogeneous and recoverable catalyst for the aerobic oxidn. of oximes to the corresponding ketone. The reaction can be conveniently carried out in water-​ethanol 1:1 mixt. as solvent. The time-​conversion plots shows an induction period that do not correspond to the leaching of metal ions or to the damage of the crystal structure of the material. The proposed reaction mechanism is based on the cooperation of the Lewis acidity of iron with the ability of copper to interact with oxygen. Given the remarkable stability of metal hexacyanocobaltates and the large diversity of metals that can contain, the authors' reports opens the way for the general use of these affordable and accessible solids as heterogeneous catalysts.