The Storage of Dried Apricots: The Effect of Packaging and Temperature on The Changes of Texture and Moisture

Autores UPV
Revista Journal of Food Processing and Preservation


During storage, the packaging material was crucial in the product's moisture variation. The aim of this work was to study t he changes of both the moisture content and the texture of dried apricots packaged in two types of containers, namely glass and polypropylene trays, which wcre thermosealed with two different fil ms and stored at a constant temperaturc (5, 15, 25 and 35C). The moisture content and tcxture of the product were anal yzed periodically ovcr a period of 1 2 months. 1n addition, a differential scanning calorimetry of the product was carried out for a better understanding of the rel ationship between these param - eters. In samplcs packaged in films, the maxim u m force value incrcased along with storage temperature, while the moisture conten t decreased. In glass, the values of these parameters remained al most constan t. A change in the structure of the material was detected between 25 and 35C.