Modelling of the inactivation kinetics of Escherichia coli, Saccharomyces cerevisiae and pectin methylesterase in orange juice treated with ultrasonic-assisted supercritical carbon dioxide

Autores UPV
Revista The Journal of Supercritical Fluids


tThe combined effect of supercritical carbon dioxide (SC-CO2) and high power ultrasound (HPU) on theinactivation kinetics of Escherichia coli, Saccharomyces cerevisiae and pectin-methyl esterase (PME) inorange juice was studied in order to select models that can predict their inactivation behaviour basedon process parameters. Experiments were performed at different temperatures (31¿41◦C, 225 bar) andpressures (100¿350 bar, 36◦C). The inactivation rate of E. coli, S. cerevisiae and PME increased with pres-sure and temperature during SC-CO2+ HPU treatments. The SC-CO2+ HPU inactivation kinetics of E. coli,S. cerevisiae and PME were represented by models that included temperature, pressure and treatmenttime as variables, based on the Biphasic, the Peleg Type B, and the fractional models, respectively. TheHPU-assisted SC-CO2batch system permits the use of mild process conditions and treatment times thatcan be even shorter than those of continuous SC-CO2systems