A flowgraph model for bladder carcinoma

Autores UPV
Revista Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling


Background: Superficial bladder cancer has been the subject of numerous studies for many years, but the evolution of the disease still remains not well understood. After the tumor has been surgically removed, it may reappear at a similar level of malignancy or progress to a higher level. The process may be reasonably modeled by means of a Markov process. However, in order to more completely model the evolution of the disease, this approach is insufficient. The semi-Markov framework allows a more realistic approach, but calculations become frequently intractable. In this context, flowgraph models provide an efficient approach to successfully manage the evolution of superficial bladder carcinoma. Our aim is to test this methodology in this particular case. Results: We have built a successful model for a simple but representative case. Conclusion: The flowgraph approach is suitable for modeling of superficial bladder cancer.