Low-Cost Printable Robots in Education

Autores UPV
Revista Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems


The wider availability of 3D printing has enabled small printable robots (or printbots) to be incorporated directly into engineering courses. Printbots can be used in many ways to enhance lifelong learning skills, strengthen understanding and foster teamwork and collaboration. The experiences outlined in this paper were used in our teaching during the last academic year, although much of the methodology and many of the activities have been used and developed over the past 8 years. They include project based assignments carried out by multidisciplinary and multicultural teams, a number of theoretical and practical classroom and laboratory activities all aimed at familiarizing students with fundamental concepts, programming and simulation, and which now form part of our regular robotics courses, and some brief descriptions of how printable robots are being used by students carrying out final projects for Bachelor and Master degrees. The online resources show many of these activities in action.