Ultrasonic Drying Processing Chamber

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CONGRESO Ultrasonic Drying Processing Chamber


The design a high intensity ultrasonic chamber for drying process was investigated. The acoustic pressure distribu- tion in the ultrasonic chamber drying was simulated solv- ing linear elastic models with attenuation for the acoustic- structure interaction. Together with the government equa- tions, the selection of appropriate boundary conditions, mesh re nement, and con guration parameters of the cal- culation methods, which is of great importance to sim- ulate adequately the process, were considered. Numeri- cal solution, applying the nite element method (FEM), of acoustic-structure interactions involves to couple struc- tural and uid elements (with different degrees of free- dom), whose solution implies several problems of hard- ware requirements and software con guration, which were solved. To design the drying chamber, the in uence of the directivity of the drying camera open and the stag- gered re ectors over the acoustic pressure distribution was analyzed. Furthermore, to optimize the in uence of the acoustic energy on the drying process, the average energy acoustic distribution in the drying chamber, that would determine the adequate position of the food to drying, was studied. For this purpose, the acoustic power absorbed by the samples will be analyzed in posteriors studies.