The Medieval and Modern Investigation Centre (CIMM). Documentary contributions

Autores UPV
Revista Imago temporis medium Aevum


The present article is about the study of the medieval and modern painting in the Crown of Aragon with the documentation located for Centre Modern d¿Investigació Medieval (CIMM) of the Universitat Politècnica of València and the Universitat de Lleida. This study includes a total of eighteen documents, ten of which are previously unpublished. The remaining eight were known, but have been revised and completed in the archives and perfectly transcribed again for this publication. Although the first documents date from before 1450, these documents are very important for a full understanding of the stylistic switch to the late Gothic of Flemish influence that began in Valencia in the mid-fifteenth century, and continued until the early decades of the sixteenth. Although many of the documents on Jacomart are very brief, they contribute to a better overall profile of this important artist, painter to King Alfonso V the Magnanimous.