The frequency partitioned block modified filtered-x NLMS with orthogonal correction factors for multichannel Active Noise Control

Autores UPV
Revista Digital Signal Processing


The Normalized Least Mean Square (NLMS) algorithm with a filtered-x structure (FxNLMS) is a widely used adaptive algorithm for Active Noise Control (ANC) due to its simplicity and ease of implementation. One of the major drawbacks is its slow convergence. A modified filtered-x structure (MFxNLMS) can be used to moderately improve the speed of convergence, but it does not offer a huge improvement. A greater increase in the speed of convergence can be obtained by using the MFxNLMS algorithm with orthogonal correction factors (M-OCF), but the usage of orthogonal correction factors also increases the computational complexity and limits the usage of the M-OCF in massive real-time applications. However, Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) are well known for their potential for highly parallel data processing. Therefore, GPUs seem to be a suitable platform to ameliorate this computational drawback. In this paper, we propose to derive the M-OCF algorithm to a partitioned block-based version in the frequency domain (FPM-OCF) for multichannel ANC systems in order to better exploit the parallel capabilities of the GPUs. The results show improvements in the convergence rate of the FPM-OCF algorithm in comparison to other NLMS-type algorithms and the usefulness of GPU devices for developing versatile, scalable, and low-cost multichannel ANC systems.