Emotional Perception for Updating Agents¿ Beliefs

Autores UPV
CONGRESO Emotional Perception for Updating Agents¿ Beliefs


The relative influence of perception and situation in emotional judgments has been extensively debated in psychology. A main issue in this debate concerns how these sources of information are integrated. This work proposes a method able to make probabilistic predictions of appraisals of other agents, using mental models of those agents. From these appraisal predictions, predictions about another agent¿s expressions are made, integrated with observations of the other agent¿s ambiguous emotional expressions using Bayesian techniques, resulting in updates to the agent¿s mental models. Our method is inspired by psychological work on human interpretation of emotional expressions. We demonstrate how these appraisals of others¿ emotions and observations of their expressions can be an integral part of an agent capable of Theory of Mind reasoning.