EEMlab: a Software Tool for Fluorescence Analysis

Autores UPV
CONGRESO EEMlab: a Software Tool for Fluorescence Analysis


A novel software tool (EEMlab) has been developed in order to facilitate the mathematical analysis and off-line processing of the fluorescent sets of samples. This application, only based on the excitation-emission fluorescence matrixes (EEM), is able to supress redundant data magnifying the domains of interest, thus making easier and more robust the mahematical analysis and data deconvolution to indentify individual components. EEMlab is able to reprocess data following a series of predetermined stages according to the requirements of the experimental results (e.g. correction of the emission-excitation spectra, normalization of fluorescence intensity, supress the inner filter effect or the Rayleigh scattering...) The program has been applied to mixtures of phenolic compounds containing ellagic acid and tannic acid at different amounts. Good qualitative and quantitative agreement between results provided by EEMlab and the real composition of the sample has been observed.