Determination of photostability, biocompatibility and efficiency as photo-Fenton auxiliaries of three different types of soluble bio-based substances (SBO)

Autores UPV
Revista Catalysis Today


The aim of this work is to determine the photostability biocompatibility and efficiency of water soluble bio-based substances (SBO) in photo-oxidative processes for wastewater treatment. Three batches of SBO, isolated from different sources, have been investigated. Differences in the functional groups present in these substances can explain major trends in their physical/chemical properties. Bioassays have proven those materials to be non-toxic but to show poor biodegradability. Their ability to enhance a photo-Fenton process at milder pH (5.2) has been investigated using a mixture of emerging compounds in wastewaters. All the tested SBO were able to remove all pollutants in less than one hour irradiation, and the best results were obtained with those substances showing higher hydrophilic/hydrophobic ratio. Moreover, although SBOs themselves undergo a slight oxidation, no relevant negative effect has been observed for their use in wastewater treatment.