25-Gb/s OFDM 60-GHz Radio Over Fiber System Based on a Gain Switched Laser

Autores UPV
Revista Journal of Lightwave Technology


A 25-Gb/s OFDM 60-GHz radio over fiber (RoF) transmission system employing a gain switched DFB laser for millimeter-wave generation is demonstrated. Transmission performance below the 7% FEC limit is achieved over 50 km of fiber initially by employing precompensation. This precompensation overcomes phase noise caused by the optical phase decorrelation induced by chromatic dispersion on the two optical channels separated by 60 GHz. An externally injected gain switched laser is subsequently employed to eradicate the need for the precompensation, thus reducing phase noise and increasing the tolerance to the induced time delay between the optical tones. Transmission performance below the 7% limit is achieved over 25 km of fiber with 2-m wireless transmission in this case.