Design of Narrow-Band Dielectric Frequency-Selective Surfaces for Microwave Applications

Autores UPV
Revista IET Microwaves Antennas & Propagation


Two types of narrow-band dielectric frequency-selective surfaces (DFSSs) have been designed at microwave frequencies. First, a DFSS showing total reflection has been analysed under guided-mode resonance conditions, based on a single dielectric grating which is illuminated by a TM polarised two-dimensional plane wave at Brewster-angle incidence, presenting extremely low-reflectance sidebands adjacent to the resonance peak. Second, a DFSS exhibiting total transmission at normal TE incidence has been designed, by superimposing the resonance condition of a dielectric grating on the classical high-reflectance response of a periodic (band-gap based) structure formed by alternating homogeneous dielectric layers. Finally, the oblique incidence and polarisation effects on the spectral response of the designed DFSSs have been also studied. In addition, dielectric ohmic losses and the problem of the finite size of the periodic structures have been accounted for in both structures. The obtained results have been successfully validated with the commercial software tool high frequency structure simulator.