Development of a photoinduced chemiluminescent method for the determination of the herbicide quinmerac in water

Autores UPV
Revista Applied Spectroscopy


A new, simple and sensitive method, based on photoinduced chemiluminescence, was developed for the determination of quinmerac. The photoproduct, obtained after UV irradiation in basic medium, was mixed with sodium sulfite (sensitizer), and Ce(IV) (oxidant) in acid medium. A wide linear dynamic range (2-600 ng mL-1) and a limit of detection of 0.6 ng mL-1 were obtained without any pretreatment (0.08 ng mL-1 after solid phase extraction). The determination was performed using a flow injection manifold, which allowed a high throughput (144 h-1). The inter-day reproducibility was 5.6% (n=5), and the intra-day repeatability was 3.9 and 2.9% for 20 and 200 ng mL-1 of quinmerac, respectively (n=21). Finally, the method was applied to surface and ground waters with recoveries ranging from 78.1 to 94.5%.