A New Methodology for Complementary Diagnosis of Induction Motors Based on Infrared Thermography

Autores UPV
Revista International Journal on Energy Conversion


The importance of the induction motors in the industrial context is doubtless because they are involved in a wide variety of applications. This extensive use justifies the importance of developing reliable techniques to assess the condition of these machines. In this context the main objective of the present paper is to propose a reliable and accurate predictive methodology to diagnose failures in induction motors based on infrared thermography and relying onthe principles of the First Law of Thermodynamics. To do so, experimental tests in 1.1kW induction motors were performed under healthy and faulty conditions. In all cases, a continuous monitoring of the key conditions was performed and infrared thermography images were taken. The results show the high potential the model has for general diagnoses purposes due to its high accuracy in predicting the heating behavior of the motor in healthy and faulty conditions. Additionally, the registration of the infrared images during the motor heating process has proven to be an excellent tool to diagnose several failures and the average temperature profiles obtained at different regions of the motor revealing interesting patterns that can be used to identify the fault.