Maximun incident Erythemally effective UV expositure received by construction workers, in Valencia, Spain

Autores UPV
Revista Photochemistry and Photobiology


This article analyzes the influence of Ultraviolet Erythematic Radiation (UVER) dose received by construction workers in Valencia highlighting the upper limit of the dose received for a worker in different periods of a year. Building construction usually implies workers to stand for several hours outdoors while working until roof top is finished. In Valencia, construction carried out near the coastline has been very intense in the last few years with the construction of a great amount of summer flats. This article focuses on the maximum values UVER can reach in different seasons of the year for cities with similar latitude to Valencia (39°280N, 0°220W), as an important way of warning construction workers about the necessity of taking preventive actions. Viospor dosimeters placed on a mannequin have been used in this study. The measurements took place between 2012 December and 2013 July.