Designing a Voip Based Language Test

Autores UPV
Revista Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences


Assessing speaking is one of the most difficult tasks in computer based language testing. Many countries all over the world face the need to implement standardized language tests where speaking tasks are commonly included. However, a number of problems make them rather impractical such as the costs, the personnel involved, the length of time for interviews and many other factors. Additionally, reliability as compared to face-to-face tests is continually challenged by issues such as comfort with the interface, navigability and, among others and more important, the lack of visual interaction and the high anxiety created by interacting with a interlocutor with more than a limited interactional activity. This paper addresses a new approach to language testing by the use of VOIP devices. It also addresses its benefits and the way to implement it within the Spanish framework of nationally organized standardized tests Designing a Voip Based Language Test. Available from: [accessed Dec 28, 2015].