La torre del Rey de Oropesa Un modelo de fortificación renacentista

Autores UPV
CONGRESO La torre del Rey de Oropesa Un modelo de fortificación renacentista


The tower named ¿del Rey¿ is one of the most clear examples of the fortification called ¿de transición¿ in the area of the eastern spanish coast that was, as in the present case, through the addition of new technological resources, a model of the adaptation of the old medieval defensive types to a new conception of the military architecture that appeared as a result of the development of the artillery. Built by Joan de Cervelló in 1534 in Punta de les Lances of Oropesa (Castellón), an especially vulnerable emplacement to the attacks of the barbary pirates of the time, it owes its origin to a tower built in 1413th year from that It takes its rectangular shape and that it be attached, forming a soffit on the lower floors on which it supports the new stonework. Starting from its historical, geometric and constructive study arises as the main objective of this communication the generation of necessary metadata and three-dimensional models for the interpretation and effective enhancement of the tower. To do so, we propose the use of the most advanced technical resources in the area of graphical representation that will allow us to get three-dimensional photo-realistic models, incorporating both data of the existing building as those relating to their type, existing elements, etc. The obtained results intend to set, in connection with works belonging to other towers from the same historical and geographical scope, a database that can be used both as a reporting tool as a documentary source for future research.