Dynamic and Load-Adapting Distributed Fractional Frequency Reuse Algorithm for Ultra-Dense Networks

Autores UPV
Revista Waves


Mobile networks today and in the near future tend to increase the density of access points, creating a heterogeneous structure of cells with overlapping coverage. The management of this situation of massive interference has been addressed to date in a static, centralized manner, which cannot scale to the ultra-density levels for the 5G. This paper proposes an alternative for this issue, where a dynamic and load-adapting distributed fractional frequency reuse technique is proposed. Still being feasible and simple to implement, this algorithm achieves a significant improvement in the power consumption while boosting up to 60 times the cell-edge user throughput. Furthermore, results prove that the proposed scheme improves the fairness between the users, presenting a good compromise between cell-centre user average rate reduction and cell-edge rate increase. The algorithm is able to adapt to the different load conditions, allocating users to the most appropriate band depending on the distribution of interference. Finally, our proposal implies a minor increase in signalling among nodes, being current solutions based on X2 interface valid for its information needs.