Greenways in Europe. Opportunities of recycling railways in Spain (Valencia)

Autores UPV
Revista Journal of Urban Regeneration and Renewal


Knowledge and enhancement of the natural, cultural and landscape heritage is a need of our society to meet the challenges of sustainable development. The abandonment of communication infrastructures due to their obsolescence, to new forms of communication or to the introduction of a more profitable transport does not destroy their connecting character and means of transport for which they were conceived. In the specific case of the railway system, it represents one of the main infrastructures of a territorial nature, which through its associated elements enlightens us on the various historical and cultural moments of a country. Following the abandonment of some railway lines, its rails, bridges and stations become factors of opportunity for a new form of urban, interurban and territorial mobility. If we approach it today from a strategic perspective, and analyse its role as potential means of alternative connection, we can achieve new binding, communication and approach elements to the territory that broaden the options for a sustainable mobility.