Towards Migratable Elastic Virtual Clusters on Hybrid Clouds

Autores UPV
CONGRESO Towards Migratable Elastic Virtual Clusters on Hybrid Clouds


This paper describes the research work in the context of the CLUVIEM project towards achieving migrat- able, self-managed virtual elastic clusters on hybrid Cloud infrastructures. These virtual clusters can span across on- premises and public Cloud infrastructures thus leveraging hybrid Cloud platforms. They are elastic since working nodes are automatically provisioned and relinquished to dynamically adapt the capacity of the virtual cluster (in terms of number of nodes) according to the current workload. They are self- managed since the elasticity rules are managed via the head node without requiring any external software entity for mon- itoring and deciding when to scale in and out. Finally, they are migratable since they consider both application migration, via application checkpointing, and infrastructure migration, by cloning infrastructures across multi-Clouds. These features introduce unprecedented flexibility for cost-effective cluster- based computing with minimal impact for cluster users. The paper summarises the current state of developments and future roads to achieve this vision.