Submillimetric GNSS Distance Determination for Metrological Purposes

Autores UPV
CONGRESO Submillimetric GNSS Distance Determination for Metrological Purposes


Absolute length measurement in the open air with an uncertainty of few tenths of a millimetre has been the focus of considerable interest in the last few years in many fields such as metrology, macro-engineering projects or deformation monitoring at critical sites. In this contribution we present our approach to investigate the capabilities of GNSS for determining distances up to 1 km with submillimetric accuracy. Our approach is specifically tailored to the problem of determining only the slant distance that substantially differs from the traditional geodetic approach, where ambiguities are usually determined and the baseline spatial orientation is also required. Some preliminary results were obtained after an automated processing of different baselines in 1h timespans along entire years. We found results to be consistent in the long term below the millimeter level. Comparison with the absolute SI meter was conducted in the UPV calibration baseline whose distances are traced to the SI meter.