Transparent Gradient-Index Lens for Underwater Sound Based on Phase Advance

Autores UPV
Revista Physical Review Applied


Spatial gradients in a refractive index are used extensively in acoustic metamaterial applications to control wave propagation through phase delay. This study reports the design and experimental realization of an acoustic gradient-index lens using a sonic crystal lattice that is impedance matched to water over a broad bandwidth. In contrast to previous designs, the underlying lattice features refractive indices that are lower than the water background, which facilitates propagation control based on a phase advance as opposed to a delay. The index gradient is achieved by varying the filling fraction of hollow, air-filled aluminum tubes that individually exhibit a higher sound speed than water and matched impedance. Acoustic focusing is observed over a broad bandwidth of frequencies in the homogenization limit of the lattice, with intensity magnifications in excess of 7 dB. An anisotropic lattice design facilitates a flat-faceted geometry with low backscattering at 18 dB below the incident sound-pressure level. A three-dimensional Rayleigh-Sommerfeld integration that accounts for the anisotropic refraction is used to accurately predict the experimentally measured focal patterns.