In-Vitro Evaluation of Antagonistic Trichoderma Strains for Eradicating Phellinus Noxius In Colonised Wood

Autores UPV


The aim of the present in vitro studies was to identify Trichoderma strains from Hong Kong with highly antagonistic potential against the basidiomycete Phellinus noxius (Corner) G. Cunn. Dual culture and interaction tests using samples of balsa wood (Ochroma lagopus Sw.), as well as studies on fungal growth at different temperatures and water activities, were conducted. The impact of Trichoderma strains on wood colonisation and decomposition by three P. noxius isolates were quantitatively analysed by measuring dry weight loss and the rate of eradication of the pathogen from the test wood. Most Trichoderma strains revealed antagonistic potential against P. noxius in these in vitro studies. In the wood blocks incubat-ed with P. noxius and then treated with Trichoderma T-TMS1 for 24 weeks, 100% eradica-tion of three P. noxius isolates was recorded. The results indicate that the application of Trichoderma strains may be a promising and environmentally benign method of eradicating P. noxius from wood debris in soils.