Assessment of sugar cane straw ash (SCSA) as pozzolanic material in blended portland cement: Microstructural characterization of pastes and mechanical strength of mortars

Autores UPV
Revista Construction and Building Materials


The aim of this paper is to assess the pozzolanic reactivity of sugar cane straw ash (SCSA) obtained through an auto-combustion process and the mechanical properties of SCSA-containing systems. Characterization of SCSA (X-ray diffraction, chemical composition, particle size, and microscopy) and reactivity studies on hydrated lime/SCSA and Portland cement/SCSA pastes through infrared spectroscopy, thermogravimetric analysis, and microscopy demonstrated the high pozzolanic activity. This reactivity made it possible to achieve good mechanical properties in mortars in which 15¿30% of the cement was replaced by SCSA. After 90 days of curing, the SCSA fixed 100% of the lime present in lime/SCSA pastes, and the compressive strength of mortars containing SCSA reached 44 MPa, a value similar to those found for control mortars after the same number of curing days. The results for the microstructural and mechanical properties showed that SCSA is a good pozzolanic material.