Discrete event heat transfer simulation of a room using a Quantized State System of order two, QSS2 integrator

Autores UPV
Revista International Journal of Thermal Sciences


In a previous paper [1] it was shown a proposal for a discrete event simulation (DEVS) model of a thermal zone. A quantized state integrator of order one (QSS) was used to integrate the evolution of the room air temperature. In order to increase the computational speed, this paper presents how the multi-layered wall, 1D conduction heat flow dynamics could be modified to allow its use with a second order QSS2 quantized integrator. The almost forgotten successive transition state method (see U. Yoshimi et al. [2]) is modified with changes in the hold function. Finally to validate the results, a test room has been employed to compare the results with EnergyPlus v7.1. Three cases have been studied: fixed T zone , floating T zone and floating T zone plus a random convective heat gain.