Agroecology in Spain

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CONGRESO Agroecology in Spain


Agroecology in Spain emerged as an approach to orientated organic farming practice in Spain, as this sector was dominated by small farmers in the beginning. Many elements of this new science paradigm were taken from Latin America, but developed with some social and rural movements, especially in Andalucia, led by some researchers working in Agronomic Faculties. The nuclear idea of the Agroecology in Spain is to consider this as a committed science in hands of social movements. Now new groups and organisations are taking agroecology as an relevant issue to develop rural areas. Sociedad Española de Agricultura Ecológica (SEAE) since the beginning took this approach in consideration and many advocacy, training, research, seminars, conferences, publications, and other activities have been organising to promote agroecology in organic. This activities are briefly described.